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Contract furniture for your business

Whether its for the reform of hotel rooms, the furniture of a restaurant chain or a nursing home rooms at Intradisa Contract have the solutions you need.

We plan, design and create contract furniture for the following business areas:

  • Contract furniture for hotel chains and cruise ships.
  • Contract furniture for recreational centers.
  • Contract furniture for gyms and fitness clubs.
  • Contract furniture for vacation homes.
  • Contract furniture for stores.
  • Contract furniture for nursing homes.
  • Contract furniture for conference centers.
  • Contract furniture for universities and libraries.
  • Contract furniture for offices, board rooms and meeting rooms.
  • Contract furniture integrated in architectorial projects, interior design, etc...

Contract furniture available for the following products: chairs, tables, panels, shelves, cabinets, shelves, dressers, headboards, beds, bathroom furniture, auxiliary furniture, sideboards, coffee tables, bookcases, countertops, desks, drawers, filing cabinets and all types of furniture you need with the functionality you wanted.



A room should convey values of peace, seclusion and privacy to ensure the best possible rest. To this end, the choice of appropriate furniture is crucial. It must pass on these feelings as well as provide a modern image and withstand the daily use of all types of users.

At Intradisa Contract we know this and so we've designed furniture according to these premises. From bases for single or double beds in any size to nighdrawers adapted to all spaces.

We can supply the following pieces of furniture that acompany the matress: bed bases, bunk beds, headboards, headboards with integrated or single tables, headboards with frontal shelves or side compartments, bed drawers or storage drawers with wheels.

In regard to our storage product line it includes the following components: cabinets, dressers, shoemakers, wall shelves, bedside tables, dressers, closets.

We also adapt the furniture to the customer profile. To this end we offer a variety of finishes from the executive to the child audience.this way they will all feel comfortable in a hotel, residence, school or leisure space.



Storage cabinets, cupboards built into the sink, mirror cabinets, wall cabinets, sink bases, oven, sink shelves, lockers, benches… In short everything you need in furniture forany type of bathroom.

We carry out projects for bathrooms for hotels, residences or schools. Likewise, we also deal with the necessary furniture for the areas of spa hotels and resorts and sports locker rooms and fitness clubs.

Dining Room - Living Room

living room

A meeting place must transmit a feeling of comfort, a desire to be together and share experiences and quiet moments. So every corner of the room must fulfill its role and provide a relaxed and intimate enviroment.

From a living room integrated into a hotel room to meeting rooms or residential schools. Intradisa Contract has a range of products specially tailored to your needs: TV stand furniture, bookcases, shelves, modular shelves and wall shelves, cabinets and sideboards, consoles, side tables, storage tables, coffee tables, etc.

Office - reception


Libraries, shelves, drawers, shelves ... in short everything you need to bring order to your company, in a pleasant environment that facilitates concentration.

We make desks and desktops seamlessly integrated with production needs. We have the exact width and height you need to maximize space.

There is a solution to every corner of the office: cash desks and reception, waiting room furniture, furniture for meeting rooms, furniture classification, desks and drawers for offices.

Contact us today and let us know your project. We will find the best solution that fits the available work environment.

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