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A new product with all the Intradisa Contract knowledge

Intradisa Contract is born as a division of Intradisa, whose goal is to specialize in the equipment and needs that arise in design and installation projects, such as the renovation of hotels, apartments, residential complexes and offices. In our department we advise our clients from the beginning of the project to it's completion ensuring that implementation meets their requirements and needs.

In our design department we make the initial sketches of the proposed project. After determining what materials to use and getting the clients approval, we move to the manufacturing stage of the furniture. Our latest generation and professional machinery ensures that the work undertaken is of the highest quality in an optimum amount of time, from the simplest to the most complex designs. Our team is able to solve your custom project and tailor it according to your needs. We follow the exact and specific measures requested by the customer, ensuring precise work and high quality.

Our materials are of great quality. We use metal fittings and high-density melamine with high scratch resistance. After finisihing the pieces in their different forms, our quality department checks them , confirming the perfect finish. They are then carefully prepared and packaged to deliver and assemble them into their final destination.

What is the Contract concept?

The word "contract" comes from English language and refers to the establishment of a contract between two or more companies to implement a particular job.

In the field of furniture, many of our customers face the daily the challenge of adapting their workplaces to existing furniture supply and not vice versa.

Only companies capable of being nflexible and adaptable are able to do the opposite. To listen first and ask later. So at Intradisa Contract, we work every day with the greatest enthusiasm to provide the furniture you really need adapted to its environment.

With Intradisa Contract, you don't just hire a furniture maker but an integrated provider of products and services. The concept of "contract" goes far beyond what one might think at first. To participate in a project like this requires the integration of several professionals. From architects and interior designers from various disciplines to technicians and installers to shape a unique project that can meet all your needs.

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